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Joe Biden Appears Lost Among the Honor Guard, King Charles Coaxes Him Away After Multiple Attempts

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President Joe Biden became so mesmerized by British soldiers on Monday during a visit to Windsor Castle that King Charles III had to intervene.

Britain’s Honor Guard, its red attire, shiny buttons and furry hats, seemed to put the cognitively questionable commander-in-chief of this nation under a spell that could only be broken when the U.K.’s chief monarch repeatedly insisted they move on.

Charles gave Biden a look that anyone who has ever loved someone in the throes of dementia understands.

It was a compassionate yet impatient look followed by a request to continue moving.

But Biden wasn’t at a mall, a municipal park or meandering on with the medical staff at a doctor’s office in suburban Toledo.

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Biden, 80, was visiting this country’s closest ally for a meeting with Charles for the first time since his coronation.

Take a look at the video:

CNN reported Biden and Charles discussed the left’s alarmist views on the climate.

Is Biden mentally fit for office?

“This latest meeting with Charles was a closely watched moment for how the King balances his traditionally apolitical role with a cause he is passionate about that has become a signature priority. Biden has called climate change ‘the existential threat to human existence as we know it.’”

Given that there are already serious questions about Biden’s mental health and acuity, it is also appropriate to question whether he possessed the brain power Monday to discuss any issue of substance — much less something as complicated as weather patterns.

In any event, numerous Twitter users who came across the clip of Biden appearing lost in a sea of polished buttons seemed to agree that not all is well with the country’s 46th president.

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Biden’s most recent exhibit of odd behavior came hours after left-wing Axios branded him an “old yeller” and reported he berates and curses at his staffers as part of a pattern of abuse that “no one is safe” from.

WARNING: Some of Biden’s reported language contains blasphemy some readers might find offensive.

The Monday report, coupled with the fact that it apparently took a foreign monarch to coax Biden into remembering why he was in the U.K., offers Americans more evidence they are without adequate leadership during a consequential time in human history.

God, save the U.S.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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