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Joe Biden Says His Vice President Shortlist Includes Four Black Women

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While we are all questioning Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s mental state — and rightly so — the one thing he can say for sure about the man is that he’s a master at taking advantage of the current trend in politics as a means of pandering to a particular group in order to try appealing to the demographics he needs to pull off a victory in November.

According to Biden, his current short list of potential running mates for vice president includes four black women. This allows the former vice president to appeal to the Black Lives Matter crowd that’s rioting and committing heinous acts of violence across the country, while simultaneously drawing in the feminist bunch.

Here’s more on this from Daily Wire:

“Black women have supported me my whole career,” the presumptive Democratic nominee told MSNBC‘s Joy Reid, adding his list includes “four black women.” But he said “I am not committed to naming” any of them to his ticket.

“I have been loyal, and they have been loyal to me — and so it’s important that my administration, I promise you, will look like America,” Biden said.

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Throughout the campaign, Biden has repeatedly vowed to pick a woman as his running mate, and with race now becoming a big topic in the election, bookmakers have moved several black women to the top of their lists.

The question then becomes who are the four black women on the list? Well, according to Bookies.Com, one such individual who graces the top of the pile is Sen. Kamala Harris. Harris actually heavily criticized Biden for his stance on school desegregation during the bloated primary race.

Second place goes to Susan Rice, who was a former aide to President Obama, followed by Sen. Tammy Duckworth, Rep. Val Deming, and former first lady Michelle Obama.

Good grief. The Obamas back in the White House? Hard pass.

According to the Washington Post, the Biden campaign has definitely confirmed they are vetting Demings and Harris.

We’ll know who the pick is going to be fairly soon it seems.

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