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Joe Biden Sends Out Family Christmas Photo, But Hunter & His Wife Are Missing [Photo]

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Where is Hunter Biden? All we know is that he wasn’t in the Biden family Christmas picture. You’d think the 2020 Democrat “frontrunner” would understand the optics of leaving Hunter out, then again, he has already failed twice at trying to become president.

From Washington Examiner:

Christmas greetings from the Biden family were conspicuously missing two members who are the subject of considerable scandal and chatter: Hunter Biden and his wife, Melissa.


The scandals surrounding Hunter Biden, 49, are fraught politically for his father, currently mounting a third White House run. On Christmas Eve, news broke that private investigators hired by Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s 16-month-old child, alleged in a court filing that Hunter Biden is the subject of multiple criminal investigations. His lawyers called the accusation “a scheme by a non-party simply to make scandalous allegations in the pending suit to gain some quick media attention.”

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May your time with loved ones be full of peace, laughter, and joy. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. With love, from my family to yours.


Where’s Hunter??

Liberals, clearly in denial, managed to spin the narrative almost immediately…

Where’s Hunter? Laughing hysterically at all the trump cultists grasping at conspiracy straws.

Lake Lanier Trends on Twitter After 'Haunted' Spot Claims Another Victim

Where’s Hunter….nobody cares. Better question…where are the decent Republicans who will stand up to trump?

Where’s hunter is trending. Don’t folks mean where are the hunters?

All the Where’s Hunter people should be asking
Where’s Trumps taxes?
Where’s all the Inauguration funds?
Where’s all the funds Trump supposedly raised for charity and never donated?
Why are we paying Ivanka?
Why are we paying Jared?

Where’s Hunter? A better question would be “Why did Justice Anthony Kennedy retire so abruptly?”, or “What role did his son Justin at Deutsche Bank play?”, or “Who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s $1.5 million debts, and purchased themselves a SCOTUS seat?”

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