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Joe Biden Signaling to Deported Illegals that They Should All Come Back

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Despite the escalating crisis at the border, Joe Biden is now telling previously deported illegals that they should come back and he’ll work to let them back in.

According to reports, Biden has alerted illegals deported during the Trump administration that he wants them to return and start their admission process all over again.

Biden has also told illegals whose admission cases were terminated under Trump that he’ll let them in if they re-apply.

Per The Blaze:

The changes — which are part of a rollback of former President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy — were reportedly outlined in a notice sent to Congress and obtained by CBS News.

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“With these changes, thousands of people will finally be able to seek protection within the United States and leave the nightmare of the past several years behind them,” remarked Taylor Levy, an independent immigration attorney who works with asylum-seekers waiting in Mexico.

Earlier this month, the Biden administration officially terminated the “Remain in Mexico” policy, formally known as Migrant Protection Protocols, which required those seeking asylum to wait in Mexico while their documents were processed instead of entering the U.S. CBS reported that the policy affected roughly 70,000 non-Mexican immigrants.

“Under the Remain in Mexico policy, approximately 27,000 migrants were ordered to be deported due to their failure to show up at court, and 6,600 had their cases terminated for other reasons, according to data compiled by researchers at Syracuse University,” the Blaze added.

Biden is doing all he can to throw the border wide open, to eliminate our immigration laws, and to flood the country with dangerous illegals who will drain our social services all the while offering nothing to this country.

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