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John Fetterman Letter from Hospital Bed Raises Eyebrows: 'Hard to Believe'

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Twitter users have questions on Wednesday after Democratic Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania reportedly signed a letter to Norfolk Southern, in spite of the fact he remains hospitalized for clinical depression and other issues.

Given Fetterman’s physical condition after he suffered a stroke, and his ongoing struggle with his mental health, those questions are more than reasonable to ask.

It was widely reported Fetterman joined others in his state’s congressional delegation in writing a letter to the railroad company responsible for the ecological disaster in East Palestine, Ohio.

The letter asked Norfolk Southern to ensure people in neighboring Darlington Township were looked after.

The community is just a few miles east of the site of the derailment.

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“Norfolk Southern’s policy of only reimbursing the residents of the roughly 130+ dwellings that were officially evacuated ignores the reality of the situation for residents across Beaver and Lawrence Counties,” the letter stated.

It added, “Families across these counties, not just those officially evacuated, saw a toxic plume and acted to protect their families at a time of considerable uncertainty.”

On Sen. Bob Casey’s website, he stated Fetterman has been hard at work for his constituents whose lives have been adversely affected by the ongoing disaster.

“Casey and Fetterman have repeatedly advocated for resources for Pennsylvania and Ohio residents affected by the derailment and are working to hold Norfolk Southern accountable for the cleanup and to help the community recover,” Casey’s website stated.

Does John Fetterman need to resign?

The question many are asking is, how effectively is Fetterman assisting embattled Pennsylvanians from the hospital?

John Fetterman Letter from Hospital Bed Raises Eyebrows: 'Hard to Believe'

“I find it hard to believe John Fetterman would have written a letter while out of the hospital let alone in the hospital,” one Twitter user wrote.

Fetterman also cosponsored a bill on Wednesday.

The “Railway Safety Act of 2023,” would “take key steps to improve rail safety protocols, such as enhancing safety procedures for trains carrying hazardous materials.”

Fetterman’s name being on the bill led to more obvious questions:

John Fetterman is a human being and deserves prayers for good health. But Pennsylvanians had a chance to elect a healthy man to represent them in the Senate last November.

They declined to do so, and instead elected one who was struggling with obvious issues that were apparently much more serious than they appeared.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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