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Journalist Claims to Have 'Most Damning' Planned Parenthood Videos Yet But Courts Are Silencing Him

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Investigative journalist and founder of Center for Medical Progress David Daleiden is fighting a battle to have a gag order lifted that is preventing him from releasing a dozen undercover videos which further serve to expose baby murder mill Planned Parenthood and their grotesque money making scheme of harvesting baby body parts.

These people are absolutely ghoulish and need to be stopped. It appears these videos might be the key to completely defunding the organization entirely, thus the left is doing their best to protect their interest. Sickening.

Daleiden told the media that his attorneys are filing motions to lift a gag order so he can release the videos, which he says “includes some of the most damning and incriminating footage we ever recorded.”

CMP began releasing disturbing undercover footage of the abortion industry leader in 2015, showing Planned Parenthood officials openly haggling over the prices of body parts of aborted babies and nonchalantly discussing their gruesome procurement methods.

The videos were largely buried or ripped apart by the mainstream media (who care so much about a “free press”), and the abortion lobby found a new enemy in Daleiden, targeting him with lawsuits and working overtime to discredit the Center for Medical Progress’ work. The National Abortion Federation (NAF) — the organization which put on the two conferences where CMP journalists interacted with abortion officials — successfully shut up Daleiden with a federal suit.

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“We’re pressing for the entire thing to be dismissed,” said Daleiden, according to The Washington Free Beacon. “You could expect a solid dozen more videos really in the same vein as the original undercover [material]. … This gag order should be dissolved in October, and we should be able to release the tapes at that time.”

In 2017, California charged Daleiden and fellow journalist Sandra Merritt on 15 felony counts for their undercover reporting. “The California Department of Justice, under the auspices of now-Senator Kamala Harris, raided Daleiden’s home for footage in April 2016; last year, the state of Texas pursued charges against Daleiden and Merritt, but those charges were thrown out,” reported The Daily Wire.

What Planned Parenthood is doing is so sick and twisted it seems like it’s something straight out of a horror movie, only far worse. Something like this occurring in the real world is far more disturbing than any monster flick.

It shows the world that monsters are real, although they aren’t vampires, werewolves, and zombies. They’re baby killing slaughterers who kill the innocent for a cheap thrill and a quick buck. Sad, but true.

Let’s hope the gag order gets lifted and Daleiden is able to help take Planned Parenthood down.

Source: The Daily Wire

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