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Journalists Busted In Massive Lie After Saying Trump Was Late to D-Day Ceremony Because of An Interview

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Once again, journalists have found a way to outdo themselves when it comes to President Trump.

They claimed the D-Day ceremony in France got off to a rocky start because 45 showed up late to the event.

They lied.

Here’s the tweet that went viral…

French television cameras spotted President Trump sitting down with Fox’s Laura Ingraham – fourteen minutes *after* the ceremony in Normandy was set to begin. Thousands of people waited as an announcement overhead came on, declaring the program would be delayed until 11:15a.

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Check out the retraction.

You may notice not even the slightest hint of any sort of apology…

As @JonLemire notes: from pool’s vantage point, the president appeared to be done and ready before Macron arrived, at which point ceremony began.

How ridiculous.

Here were some reactions after learning of the fake news regarding Trump…

Shameful. The unmitigated and egregious disrespect of the day, our Allies and the memory of the dead is breathtaking. #DDay #DDay75

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To Trump D-Day stands for Donald Day – in fact every day is Donald Day in Trump’s mind. So why would he care he delayed the ceremony for 15 minutes to talk to Fox News?! #DDay75thAnniversary

George Clooney’s wife, Amal, is just as far-left politically as he is.

To say President Trump gives evil regimes the “green light” to murder journalists is beyond the pale.

Amal Clooney, the British-Lebanese human rights attorney married to Hollywood star George Clooney, eviscerated President Donald Trump Wednesday evening, accusing the commander-in-chief of providing autocratic regimes a “green light” to torture and murder journalists by labeling them the “enemy of the people.”

Speaking before the United Nations Correspondents Association Awards in New York, Amal Clooney claimed members of the media are “under attack” in countries such as North Korea, Hungary, and Turkey, Vanity Fair reports.

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