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Joy Behar Reaches New Low - Admits She Doesn't Believe Voters Should Choose Who Is President

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Leftists are experts at being politically correct.

But the filter they use for the rest of the world seems to constantly malfunction when it comes to former President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, “The View” co-host Joy Behar let her true feelings show when co-host Sara Haines suggested that Colorado and Maine’s decisions to remove the former president from the ballot could give the appearance of a “rigged election.”

“I actually agree with Gov. Gavin Newsom and David Axelrod — these are Democrats, leading Democrats — that say this would really cause a division that’s almost insurmountable,” Haines said.

“So what are you saying?” Behar responded, rudely interrupting Haines.

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“I don’t think the Supreme Court is going to hold this,” Haines said, trying to finish her point despite the interruption. “I think they’re going to overturn it and it won’t just be the originalists — I bet it’s a 9-0 vote.”

“So you think they should leave it to the voters?” Behar asked.

“I think they should leave it to the voters,” Haines responded.

“Oh no!” Behar moaned, revealing the usually unspoken point of view of many leftists — the American people are too dumb to be allowed to vote for the candidate of their choice.

In their decisions to kick Trump off the ballot, the Colorado Supreme Court and Maine secretary of state cited Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which prohibits those who have engaged in insurrection from holding office. Trump has appealed both decisions.

As Haines rightly pointed out, if Trump is not allowed on the ballot, “that martyrdom will be one step more.”

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“We have a nation that doesn’t believe in democracy, doesn’t believe in the voting,” Haines said. “Everyone that loses says it was rigged and failed. I think this will create a visual to people that this was a rigged election.”

Behar disagreed, saying that she believed “the law will stand.”

“If you’re not going to follow an amendment, then why don’t we have Taylor Swift run for president?” Behar said.

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Behar’s unfiltered comments distill the essence of top-down, “we know best” liberalism. Her instinct is to keep voters from making what she perceives as the wrong choice by forcibly taking away their ability to choose.

It’s no wonder that conservatives, a group of people who fiercely believe in individual liberty, have flocked to Trump — a man who refuses to let his opinions or speech be managed or manipulated.

Even historically liberal groups like black voters are waking up to the manipulation and turning away from the Democratic Party.

If Behar is frustrated, she only has people like herself to blame.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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