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Joy Reid Laughs on as Guest Slams Clarence Thomas, Describes a 'Mutilated' Justice

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There are a number of far-left talking heads that would be considered for a list of the absolute worst pundits on the face of this planet.

Jemele Hill. Jen Psaki. Anderson Cooper. Brian Stelter. That’s just a small handful of the worst of the worst, though truly, you can take your pick.

That being said, this writer proposes a different pair of talking heads as two of the absolute worst ever: MSNBC’s race-baiting Joy Reid and Elie Mystal.

Either on their own is bad enough as it is.

Stick the two of them together, and you have a genuinely myopic recipe for disaster.

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Mystal, a black activist and author, appeared on “The ReidOut” on Friday to discuss the spate of recent rulings that emanated from the Supreme Court this past week.

You can watch the “highlights” for yourself below:

One of the key topics of complaining for this panel (which included a Fordham professor) was the Supreme Court’s highly publicized decision to deem race-based college admissions unconstitutional.

Apparently, neither Reid nor Mystal seem to think that black people are capable of making brand name colleges on merit alone.

Did the Supreme Court get this decision right?

Now, that’s hardly a shocker given that the world has long known that far leftists are the actual racists, for whatever little worth that term has in 2023.

What the world hasn’t been nearly as privy to is the fact that far leftists are becoming more and more emboldened to espouse those racist beliefs. Just look at the way Reid and Mystal treat black conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (whose “blackness” has been a curious topic of conversation of late).

Reid, questioning Thomas’ invocation of the Freedmen’s Bureau Act (a grossly oversimplified explanation: It is the doctrine that established a bureau to aid displaced Southerners, including freed black slaves, after the Civil War) began ripping into Thomas for calling it a “colorblind statute.”

“[Thomas] said, ‘Oh, that was a colorblind statute,'” Reid said. “How could the Freedman’s Bureau, Elie Mystal, be a colorblind statute? Make that make sense.”

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Well, first, even a gross oversimplification of the Freedmen’s Bureau Act is pretty clear that it was aimed to help all displaced Southerners, not just freed black slaves.

If Mystal was half as smart as he thinks he is, perhaps he could’ve responded with that. But no, the loathsome pseudo-intellectual instead took Reid’s prompt as a chance to take the show in a shockingly macabre direction — not that you would be able to tell based on how Reid began cackling at Mystal’s remarks.

“[The Freedmen’s Bureau Act is] colorblind if you’re like Clarence Thomas and your whole ideological perspective involves gouging out your own eyes,” Mystal said.

It’s at this point that Reid begins cackling uncontrollably at the visual of a black man ripping his own eyes out.

“And that’s what Thomas is,” Mystal continued over Reid’s chortles. “Like, he is such a mutilated version of a black Justice, that he is able to make these proclamations [about colorblindness].”

Could you imagine if Joy Reid and Elie Mystal were white people speaking (and laughing) so openly about a “mutilated” black man?

Actually, yes, you could imagine it. They would be totally fine. Let’s try that again: Could you imagine if Joy Reid and Elie Mystal were conservatives speaking so openly about a “mutilated” black man?

Because that’s when the pitchforks would come out.

But as long as it’s leftist black people attacking conservative black people with disturbing attacks, it’s par for the course and totally acceptable.

Obviously, it’s not actually acceptable. Racism, in all forms, is a horrific stain on mankind. Conservatives, especially, should not be okay with this double standard.

But how do you start capturing hearts and minds when the other side of the ideological spectrum is actually the racist one?

Perhaps you can start by showing this article and clip, because really, how can anyone possibly ask this any better: Who is more racist here? The black man saying that you are more than capable of reaching your goals on your own merits? Or the black people giggling at the idea of a black man with gaping sores for eye sockets?

The answer seems pretty clear.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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