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Judge Approves INSANE Request by Bob Mueller That Could Change EVERYTHING

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For well over a year and a half, We The People have been inundated by one of the great farces of our time.

I’m speaking, of course, about the ongoing investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into a bizarre and asinine conspiracy theory that places Donald Trump tightly within the palm of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s grip.

The theory, which was first concocted during the 2016 election thanks to the work of the Obama administration’s “spies” and Hillary Clinton’s debate performances, purports that Donald Trump is some sort of Kremlin asset whose election occurred at the behest of Russia.  This would mean, in theory, that Donald Trump is also beholden to Putin and the Kremlin – a proposition that could certainly call into question his legitimacy as President.

Not a single bit of this theory has been corroborated by the Special Counsel over the course of the last 18-plus months.

And, at a time when many believed Mueller was gearing up for write his final report on the matter, this happened:

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Special counsel Robert Mueller’s federal grand jury has been extended so it may continue to meet and vote on criminal indictments for up to six more months.

The grand jury’s initial 18-month term was set to expire over the weekend.
The extension is the surest sign yet that the Russia investigation isn’t finished. It means, broadly, that Mueller may continue pursuing alleged criminal activity related to the Russian government’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, and that more indictments may be coming.
Mueller is given authority by the Justice Department to prosecute individuals as he sees fit if they fall within his commissioned task — but in practice his team must ask the secret group of up to 23 citizens from DC to approve criminal indictments.
The American people’s opinion of the Mueller probe has been continuously souring over the course of the last few months, as the Special Counsel’s team continues to stray from the path of “Russian collusion”, attempting instead to simply pester former Trump acquaintances with unrelated charges.  This is likely in hopes of squeezing something from them that could be used to delegitimize the President.
The President has described this tactic as a “witch hunt” on several occasions.
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