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On July 4th Weekend, Major Shark Warnings for Cape Cod

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We can only imagine all of the clever puns and whimsical allegories flying around Cape Cod at the moment, as the normally placid beach town prepares for the hectic and hurried 4th of July weekend…and with killers in their midst.

The northeastern it spot has become home to a vast number of annual celebrations over Independence Day weekend, much like the setting of the seminal horror classic Jaws.  And that’s not the only similarity, as there are concerns that some unwanted guests could spoil the party this weekend, in the real world, as well.

“Just know that large sharks are here,” Megan Winton, a researcher for the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said at a press conference Wednesday. “They’re a constant presence from June to the fall.”

And this wasn’t just some blanket warning, either. Oh no, there were very real concerns to be addressed.

Winton urged swimmers to beware after a great white was spotted at Head of the Meadow Beach in Truro Tuesday, prompting officials to close the shoreline for roughly an hour.

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In the past week, at least 11 sharks have been spotted in the region, according to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s Sharktivity app, which tracks confirmed and unconfirmed sightings.

Great Whites have become almost commonplace during the warmer months off the shore of Massachusetts, with one such sighting going viral just weeks ago, as a massive denizen of the deep was filmed stalking alongside a vacationing family’s boat.

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