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Kamala Complains About Media Coverage of Her Non-Accomplishments

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For months now, the American people have been left scratching their heads, wondering what exactly it is that Vice President Kamala Harris is doing.

This is, of course, the “border czar” that spent three months making excuses for not visiting the border, and then raged against those who insinuated that she was ditching her due diligence.

Now, just as reports of President Joe Biden’s annoyances with her have become public, Harris is complaining about the media’s coverage of her abject failures. 

At the end of her second year in office, Vice President Kamala Harris is again griping that the press hasn’t covered her fairly.

“There are things that I’ve done as vice president that fully demonstrate the strength of my leadership as vice president that have not received the kind of coverage that I think [the] Dobbs [decision] did receive,” Harris said to liberal Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart earlier this week.

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The VP was panned in February for appearing “perpetually unprepared” after she gave a speech in Munich that critics called a “word salad.” However, Capehart said Harris’ speech in Munich was one of her top three accomplishments for 2022, part of a gushing piece declaring Harris had an “excellent” year.

Harris pushed the blame over to the media:

“What you’ve been able to see is based on what gets covered,” she told Capehart.

To be fair, it couldn’t “get covered” if it hadn’t happened, and Harris’ blame-game is getting old fast.

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