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Kamala Harris, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Vir. Democrats, ALL Proof of Democrat/Media Double Standard

It should be considered a red flag when a political party dabbles so heavily in both socialism and antisemitism.




It has been a bad few weeks for Democrats and their media lapdogs not just because of the many bad things Democrats have been caught doing but because of the lack of morals seen in the reaction of the media covering them. It all amounts to proof positive that denizens of the Democrat-Media complex have neither morals nor standards.

Over the last two weeks, Democrats in high places have been seen disgorging anti-Semitism, engaging in rape, and racism, and one was even heard lying about the music she listened to in college and not a single one of them have been forced to resign in penance or hard pressed by the media to explain themselves.

If these six Democrats in the news were Republicans the media would have formed a firing squad that would have filled them full of career-killing holes.

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We have a growing list of major gaffes by Democrats…

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Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was caught posing for a photo showing him in blackface (or wearing a KKK outfit, we aren’t sure which). At first, he admitted guilt. Then changed his mind and said it wasn’t him. And all along he has refused to step down. Meanwhile, the media mealy-mouthed that he should step down, but never made any real effort to get him to do so.

Next, Virginia’s Lt. Gov., Justin Fairfax, ended up accused of rape by two women. He has similarly refused to quit, and no one seems overly interested in forcing him to do so.

Those two incidents were followed by Virginia’s third in command, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, who also admitted to playing in blackface when in school. His announcement came and went without any real notice or condemnation at all.

Next, we had Congresswoman Ilhan Omar making the ages old accusation about the “evil Jews and their money” corrupting American politics. Omar made a half-hearted, non-apology, and that was good enough for the media. All is forgiven.

On the heels of Omar’s anti-Semitism, news broke that Rep. Rashida Tlaib was a contributor to a newsletter published by virulent racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. The media did not care.

Finally, and least troublesome compared to those above, presidential candidate and California Senator Kamala Harris said she smoked pot and listed to Tupac, Snoop Dogg and other rappers while in college, but it turns out she graduated nearly a decade before any of these artists began recording.

Granted the latter incident with Harris is not a fireable offense, but it is exactly the sort of lie that the media would destroy a Republican for uttering. Harris’ lies are not the end of the world, granted, but even this small incident is an example of the media’s double standards. If a Republican had said something like that it would become a millstone the media would hang around his neck that would be used to discredit him for years to come. But Democrat Harris says it and the media ignores it.

All of this is proof that Democrats really don’t care about racism, or sexual assault, or anti-Semitism, or candidates who lie. Each and every one of these instances that occurred over the last two weeks has been explained away, mealy-mouthed without serious intent, or completely ignored.

Meanwhile, the ONE Republican who had anything similar — Congressman Steven King who liberals said supported “white supremacy” — was totally destroyed. He had all his committee assignments taken from him and he was censured both by every party leader and the media. Nothing of a similar degree occurred to any of these Democrats all of whom arguably did worse.

Finally, it is worth noting the summation of the Democrats’ anti-Semitism problem given by Noah Rothman who recently appeared on MSNBC’s odious “Morning Joe” show.

Unfortunately for Rep. Omar, this is the second apology for anti-Semitic remarks in as many months. She had previously said that Israel had “hypnotized the world” and defended those comments, said “I don’t know what’s especially wrong or offensive about them.” She got an ‘education,’ apologized, and has since stepped on another landmine.

The reason why Democrats have not applied the “Northam Standard” here is because it would be much more broadly applied [to more than one person]. The Northam standard is essentially a pretty morally unambiguous stand that says any act of bigotry or prejudice attributable to ignorance or social desirability bias or otherwise no matter how long ago it happened is intolerable.

The reason they cannot apply it to Omar in this case is, one, it would truncate the caucus, but, B, it would be applied to Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who has said that American Representatives in the Republican conference are guilty of having a dual loyalty essentially by saying they “forgot what country they represent” in defense of a BDS resolution against an organization that tries to delegitimize Israeli institutions both public and private. They have members, including Maxine Waters who’s a committee chair who has a relationship with Minister Louis Farrakhan who is an outright anti-Semite. And that they’ve just recently abandoned, the Democrat National Committee just recently disassociated from the Women’s March which is staffed by two individuals who are engaged in an anti-Semitic row just two months ago.

So, this [problem anti-Semitism] is a bigger problem than just Rep. Omar, and the statement that “well, she apologized, and we accept her apology,” is an attempt to get out of a bad news cycle and not necessarily to achieve, as you say, healing and reconciliation.

That is quite a good summation, I’d say.

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