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Kari Lake Drops the Hammer on Media as Election Fight Continues

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Once again, Arizona is at the center of an electoral controversy in which a MAGA Republican believes that the contest was somehow tainted against them.

This time around it’s Kari Lake, gubernatorial candidate from the Copper State, who is contesting the results of the election…and doing so with ever stronger language.

Former television newscaster and failed Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake hinted at violence to a crowd of thousands of conservative activists Sunday, continuing her claim that she had really won last month.

“On Nov. 8, they committed highway robbery,” she said, to chants of “Kari! Kari!”

Lake, who has sued elections administrators alleging fraud, called the Maricopa County elections system a “house of cards” that she promised to take down. “I’m not just going to knock that house of cards over. We’re going to burn it to the ground,” she said. “They messed with the wrong woman. They messed with the wrong movement, of ‘we the people.’ And we’re not going to take it anymore.”

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She then told the crowd that the Second Amendment – the right to bear arms – was in danger because of current leadership, and that that amendment protected all the others.

“You do not steal our vote and get away with it. You don’t,” she added.

And then…

Lake, borrowing a tactic of former President Donald Trump, attacked the news media, urging the audience to turn around and boo the “mainstream media” on a riser.

“Their days are numbered,” she said.

Lake’s election concerns have been apparent for weeks now, but the mainstream media has consistently suggested that her beliefs are invalid.

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