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Kari Lake Explodes After Seeing What Voters Had to Endure: 'Election Run by a Bunch of Clowns'

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Like many in Arizona on Election Day, Kari Lake is not happy with the way polls are being operated in Maricopa County.

Even before the sun fully rose on Tuesday, polling sites in much of the county had experienced major problems.

“We have two tabulators. One of the tabulators is not working. The other tabulator is taking about 75 percent successful,” a poll worker explained, revealing that one quarter of the ballots at the location were being misread.

After the errors swamped several locations that appeared to be in predominately Republican areas, Lake urged her supporters to travel to Democrat-dominated areas of the county to cast their ballots.

“Democrat areas are less crowded & are experiencing fewer problems,” Lake tweeted while urging voters to stay in line.

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Voters with a faulty machine or unreadable ballot were instructed to place their vote in a separate bin or box, where it would then supposedly be moved to a central location and counted.

The ill-prepared voting infrastructure left many frustrated and unsure if their ballots would be counted at all.

Lake is, understandably, not happy with how Election Day played out. The fact that her opponent, the apparently incompetent Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, is in charge of the state’s elections only makes the situation that much more infuriating.

Speaking to Steve Bannon, Lake made her frustration known.

“Another election run by a bunch of clowns, and we’re not going to take it anymore,” she said. “We will restore faith to our elections.”

“Maricopa County has screwed us over once again. … We will be restoring faith in our elections.”

While the inconsistencies of this election are no surprise to concerned citizens who paid attention to Democrats’ spin game two years ago, Republicans’ powerful showing is catching many on the left off guard.

An MSNBC panel, for instance, let out an audible gasp when they saw the early results pour in from normally blue Miami-Dade County, Florida.

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The results of early votes typically dominated by liberal candidates showed Republicans with an effortless and definitive lead.

It remains to be seen how much impact Maricopa’s malfunctioning machines will have on the final total.

It is clear, however, that continuing “leadership” from Hobbs will only bring Arizona more of the same when it comes to election failures.

If Lake can pull off a win, as many Republicans are poised to do tonight, the Grand Canyon State just might have a shot at free, fair and error-free elections in the future.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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