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Karl Rove Explains How Mark Milley Might Be in Serious Trouble

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This week, amid a number of worrisome developments within the Biden administration, Americans got a first look at some of the purported bombshells from new book Peril, which is said to chronicle the last days of Donald Trump’s first term as President.

In the book, the authors claim that General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was so concerned with Trump’s alleged “mental decline”, that he began making phone calls to his Chinese counterpart, assuring them that he would give them a heads-up if the President ordered any attack on them.  He also reiterated his role in the nuclear launch hierarchy in a secret meeting at The Pentagon, telling those involved that any plan to use the codes would have to go through him.

This has many wondering if Milley had jumped the chain of command.  Karl Rove says that, if so, this could be a big problem for the General.

From a recent appearance on Fox News:

But there are some troubling questions here. And when the chairman of the Joint Chiefs appears before Congress on September 28, he will have to answer them. He talked to the Chinese in October and January, and Ambassador Haley is right. That’s routine. But also routine is the chain of command. Did he talk with his bosses, Mark Esper in October, acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller in January and say, I want to talk to the Chinese and here’s what I want to say. And whatever he said, was it accurately reflected in what Bob Woodward and Bob Costa have in their book? And he’s going to have to answer those questions. If he talked to the Chinese without going through the chain of command, that is to say having the authorization of the secretary of defense not only to talk to them but to express the message that he supposedly expressed, then we have a real problem.

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The Pentagon has declined to discuss the matter with the press, which is yet another example of an infuriating trend within the Biden administration.

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