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Kentucky Declares State of Emergency Over Gas Prices 

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Throughout these first 18 months of the Biden administration, the American people have become fairly accustomed to the idea that not much is going to get done, sadly.

From the moment that Biden took office there was stagnation.  Outside of a flurry of executive orders aimed at nullifying executive orders of Donald Trump’s, there isn’t much to point to in the way of progress at the White House.

And so, as gas prices began to rise all around the nation, some feared for the worst, knowing that an administration reluctant to govern wouldn’t likely get out ahead of it.

Now, as the nation continues to suffer at the pump, Kentucky’s governor is taking bold action.

Gov. Andy Beshear took action Thursday to combat any signs of price gouging at the pump, touting it as a consumer protection measure amid sky-high gas prices straining Kentuckians’ budgets.

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The Democratic governor signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency in response to gas prices hovering close to $5 per gallon. His action activated Kentucky’s price gouging laws.

With his action, Kentucky consumers can report suspected price gouging at the pump to state Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office.

President Biden has asked Congress to declare a three month gas tax holiday to help alleviate some of the pressure at the pump, but several states have already exhibited their opposition to the move.

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