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Kim Won't Quit: Defiant Despot Driving Trump Mad with Missile Mayhem

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The North Korean playbook has been a simple one during the last six decades’ worth of isolationist nonsense.

The DPRK alternately “plays nice” and then antagonizes whomever on the world stage is currently controlling their purse strings, all in order to renegotiate their ever revolving carousel of international sanctions.

Their latest target has been the United States, with President Donald Trump openly willing to engage with the dainty dictator Kim Jong Un.

The two were allegedly working on a plan to denuclearize the hermit kingdom when Trump was forced to walk away – a move that has been seen by many as a negotiating tactic.

Kim Jong Un has been less than enthused with this move, and has been launching missiles for attention ever since.

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NORTH KOREA ON THURSDAY launched two short-range missiles, marking the second weapons test in less than a week and further straining U.S.-led efforts toward denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

The South Korean joint chiefs of staff announced the launch in a statement, saying the missiles were fired from the northwest city of Kusong and traveled roughly 260 miles to the east. American negotiators are currently in South Korea for discussions on how to break the impasse following two high-level summits between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that failed to secure any lasting changes.

The launch comes less than a week after North Korea fired several short-range missiles on Saturday, the first such weapons test since November 2017. Trump has previously cited North Korea’s lull in missile and nuclear tests as evidence that his outreach to the Hermit Kingdom was proving successful.

North Korea is believe to have approximately sixty nuclear warheads in their arsenal, but doubts about the nation’s ability to successfully launch and detonate one are prevalent.

Kim’s attention grab comes as the United States finds itself similarly embroiled in an Iranian nuclear standoff as well.


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