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Kinzinger Makes Heavy Accusations Against Secret Service

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The most salient and prominent complaint that has been lodged against the January 6th select committee has come from conservatives who believe that the group’s scope is far too wide to be that of a serious investigation.  And, combined with their inconsistent criminal referral protocols, that the entire probe appears to be nothing more than a political hit job meant to keep Donald Trump from running again in 2024.

For instance, the committee has suggested that the Secret Service has nefariously deleted texts from the days surrounding the siege at the Capitol, despite the agency clearly explaining that a hardware upgrade was the reason for the missing data.  This is all a part of their cockamamie conspiracy regarding some sort of intra-governmental collusion on that day.

And, even now, the committee seems rather heavily invested in this wild theory.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), a member of the House Jan. 6 select committee, told CNN on Monday that “inconsistencies” exist in Secret Service officials’ accounts surrounding the Capitol attack.

During an appearance on CNN’s “The Situation Room” with host Wolf Blitzer, Kinzinger said the committee is pursuing those inconsistencies as questions swirl over an alleged altercation on Jan. 6 between former President Trump and Secret Service agents in the presidential vehicle.

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His claims were bold, to say the least.

“There is something going on at the Secret Service, either pure incompetence all the way on the scale to potentially very criminal activity or just having a preference for one side or the other,” Kinzinger told CNN.

By attempting to somehow connect the Secret Service to their unproven and wildly speculative theories, Kinzinger and his cohorts are simply aggrandizing the idea that Donald Trump was some criminal mastermind looking to subvert the Constitution of the United States – which is a hard enough pill to swallow without accusing the nation’s top law enforcement agency of a wholesale betrayal of the American people.

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