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Kremlin Says USA is #1 Threat to Russia During Holiday Celebration

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There is little doubt that the world is heading toward a major conflict, with the authoritarians among us now openly working to align themselves with like-minded tyrants and ideologues.

In many ways, it’s felt as though we are replaying the conflicts of World War II, except this time, everyone has nuclear weapons.

Now, as President Joe Biden continues to suggest that everything is unky dory in DC, our nation’s number one international foe has sent a stern warning stateside.

President Vladimir Putin on Sunday signed a new naval doctrine which cast the United States as Russia’s main rival and set out Russia’s global maritime ambitions for crucial areas such as the Arctic and in the Black Sea.

Speaking on Russia’s Navy Day in the former imperial capital of St Petersburg founded by Tsar Peter the Great, Putin praised Peter for making Russia a great sea power and increasing the global standing of the Russian state.

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After inspecting the navy, Putin made a short speech in which he promised that what he touted as Russia’s unique Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles, cautioning that Russia had the military clout to defeat any potential aggressors.

Despite the occasionally rough result from these polls, Donald Trump remains one of the world’s most influential public figures.

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