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Largest Retailer in America Is Selling Disturbing 'Pride' Clothes for Children and Even Newborns

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Bud Light and Target have taken a lot of flack for their support of the radical transgender agenda, but these two giant corporations are far from the only companies pushing that agenda and America’s biggest retailer is no different than the rest.

America’s biggest retailer, Walmart, has gotten away with keeping its support of the radical LGBT agenda very quiet, but as more people begin to look over what is going on in corporate America, the actions of the Arkansas-based chain have come into focus.

In fact, a look at Walmart’s website showed that the company sells “gay pride” clothing.

The Walmart website shows clothing for babies, toddlers, and young children with slogans including “Choose Equality,” one shirt reading “Some People Are Gay Get Over It,” and various rainbow-emblazoned gear.

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Some of the clothing on Walmart’s website is even for newborns and infants.

Walmart isn’t just placating the radical left with a few stray products on its website, either. The corporation has also spent millions in donations to gay groups that target children.

From its LGBT policies for workers and local communities, to its support of drag shows and so-called “equality,” the company has been working for the gay movement for years.

For instance, the Heritage Foundation found that Walmart has paid for drag shows and gay storytime events in local communities, hosted gay pride parades for kids, and pushed LGBT policies on schools.

Will you boycott Walmart?

Even as Bud Light has lost billions in market share in response to a boycott after its partnership with transgender TikTok activist Dylan Mulvaney, and Target is taking heat for its line of “tuck-friendly” children’s clothes and its partnership with a designer who is openly a Satanist, Americans are starting to turn their attention to other companies.

Another case is retailer Khols, which has also started selling “Pride” clothing for infants.

A long list of companies are pushing these anti-child policies. And, unfortunately, they pretty much all do it.

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The troubles being visited upon Target and Bud Light proves that conservatives have the economic power to hold these woke, LGBT-supporting corporations accountable for their donations to groomers who want to target our children.

If Walmart doesn’t watch out, it may just find itself under a boycott of its own. But conservatives need to pay attention to the whole of corporate America. It isn’t just one or two of them.

We shouldn’t take the heat off Bud Light or Target, granted. But we must not assume that these few companies are alone in their support for the far-left agenda.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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