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Las Vegas Considers Lockdown as Crime Soars

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Sin City. Las Vegas, Nevada.  A desert oasis of vice and vanity unrivaled in the western world, and high on the list of purely strange places worldwide.

This is the sort of locale where you simply assume an avatar for the sake of living a little bit. For the sake of finding out something about the edges of our own personality.

But, as such, the place is a bit dangerous.  Seedy.  The guardrails are off, so to speak, and things have taken a turn toward trouble in 2022.  That is why Las Vegas law enforcement leaders are considering something drastic.

Officials in Las Vegas are mulling a curfew for those under the age of 21 following recent shootings and gun violence in the downtown area.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman announced the potential curfew in a series of tweets on Tuesday, the day after a man was shot right outside the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Vegas early Monday morning, Fox5 reported. Authorities said a fight broke out between two people, one of whom fired a gun at the other.

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The possibility has already been broached with business owners.

Goodman said she has already discussed the matter with with downtown Las Vegas property owners and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

“We’re all in agreement there is no tolerance for violence/crime,” she tweeted. “[The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department] and our city marshals have committed to an increased law enforcement presence. Our City Attorney will prosecute violators to the fullest, and we’re exploring a curfew for those under 21.”

Of course, criminals aren’t likely to be swayed by the curfew, and so local leaders will need to forge a second path of action in the coming weeks.

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