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Latest Midterm Election Predictions are Dire for Democrats

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While the Democrats certainly are good at feigning confusion over Joe Biden’s abysmal approval ratings, pollsters have been telling a much more concise and practical story.

Biden, who appeared to be a reluctant presidential candidate, has unsurprisingly become a reluctant president as well.  His lackadaisical approach to solving any of the nation’s myriad of problems has been deplorable at times, and downright worrisome at other times.

This has led to predictions that a “red wave” is going to come to Congress during the 2022 midterm elections, and those forecasts are growing more likely by the week.

Analysts from two separate groups who predict the probable outcome for U.S. House of Representatives races released their predictions on Wednesday that all move in favor of the Republican incumbent or candidate versus the Democrat.

University of Virginia Center for Politics and the Cook Political Report shifted their House predictions in favor of the Republicans.

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The Center for Politics acknowledged that part of their prediction change is due to the Republicans remaining the “strong favorites to win the House majority, and with redistricting nearly complete, we can now offer a more complete assessment of what our ratings suggest for the fall.”

The analysts at the Center for Politics added that after the first quarter filing deadline last week, it is easier to see the overall playing field of the House. Their take is that incumbent House Democrats continued to raise impressive amounts of cash but so did incumbent House Republicans. Additionally, they noted that Republican challengers are either “doing fine or better than fine on the money front.”

And, what’s more…

Center for Politics’s current topline rating is: 210 seats would be rated Safe, Likely, or Leans Republican, 198 would be rated Safe, Likely, or Leans Democratic, and 27 would be rated as Toss-ups.

On the other hand, Cook acknowledged that part of their prediction change is due to President Joe Biden’s average approval rating remaining at a dismal 42 percent while the country goes through soaring inflation rates and the president’s Build Back Better legislative agenda has stalled.

As the Democrats continue to come face to face with the reality of their impeding congressional doom, we should expect that the January 6th committee will ramp up their probe into Donald Trump’s inner circle in an attempt to gather dirt to be used in the midterms.

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