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Latest Smear of Kari Lake: 'She's a Secret Liberal'

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Ah, the acrid smell of political desperation has finally wafted its way into the hotly-contested Arizona gubernatorial election, and the left is no longer being at all subtle in their last-ditch attempts to stymie a rising GOP star.

Just hours after Kari Lake’s campaign headquarters received a frightening, mysterious white powder in the mail, the mainstream media is rolling out a number of bizarre and belligerent allegations against Lake, claiming that she’s actually some sort of secret liberal.

One longtime former co-worker in the television news business recalled that Kari Lake detested guns and practiced Buddhism. Another former local news anchor, Stephanie Angelo, who did not work with Ms. Lake but later became close friends with her, described Ms. Lake back then as “a free spirit” and “liberal to the core.”

“Her saying that abortion should be illegal — absolutely not,” Ms. Angelo said. “The Kari I knew would never have said that, and she wouldn’t have believed it either.”

Unsurprisingly, these allegations only came from anonymous sources.

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Seven of Ms. Lake’s former colleagues at the local Fox station in Phoenix, where she read the news for more than two decades, and two others who consider themselves her former friends said Ms. Lake had once expressed more liberal views on subjects including guns, drag queens and undocumented immigrants. They said she used to admire Barack and Michelle Obama, and pointed out that she had donated to Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign. Some requested anonymity because they did not have permission to speak to the press or feared retaliation from Ms. Lake or her supporters.

Arizona has been a hotbed of political trouble of late, thanks in no small part to concerns regarding the balloting process in Maricopa County in 2020, and Lake has not shied away from that debate in recent weeks.


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