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Latest Super Mario Game Reviews Are Great, But There's a Big Catch You Need to Know Before Buying

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Hey, look. Another Super Mario game, another riveting round of reviews.

(And to be sure, Mario’s grip on media extends well beyond just video games these days.)

“Mario vs. Donkey Kong” had its review embargo lifted on Wednesday, and to the surprise of nobody, the game garnered good-to-great reviews.

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Not listed in the above X  post are IGN and Nintendo Life, two big sites, which both gave the game a 7 out of 10 in their respective reviews.

Point being, for the unaware, this may seem like yet another side-scrolling Mario classic for fans to consume.

The unaware would be very, very wrong, however. This game is nothing like classic Mario games, despite the look and feel of it.

Most Mario games, like the recently released and highly lauded “Super Mario Bros. Wonder,” will involve the titular Italian plumber running from left to right.

Have you ever played a Mario game?

In between the beginning and end of the level, Mario will typically have to jump, dodge or otherwise fight enemies with special powers.

Those classic 2D Mario games are best described as “side-scrolling, action platformers.”

“Mario vs. Donkey Kong”? That’s far more of a “puzzle platformer,” not unlike the cult classic video game “Lemmings.”

The core conceit of “Mario vs. Donkey Kong” is that each stage isn’t so much a test of reflexes, but a test of your brain.

Even basic enemy encounters require some brainwork as Mario’s iconic jump no longer wipes enemies out.

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Obviously, the flow and cadence of a “puzzle” game versus an “action” game can’t be understated and should be something fans are aware of before plopping down their hard-earned cash to purchase it.

One thing that “Mario vs. Donkey Kong” does have in common with other Mario titles is its lighthearted story. In the game, Mario purchases a toy factory (that Nintendo money must be nice), when his rival-turned-friend-turned-rival — or “frenemy” — Donkey Kong (a large, humanoid ape) steals a plethora of Mini-Mario toys from the factory.

Mario must then chase down Donkey Kong through the toy factory and try to recover the toys made in his visage.

The convoluted plot from “A Song of Fire and Ice,” this is not.

It’s also worth pointing out that if you aren’t sure about buying this full-priced game, you can give the original a whirl if you can track down an emulator a Gameboy Advance.

The 2024 “Mario vs. Donkey Kong” is a remake of a 2004 GBA game, so you can take a less risky approach by playing the original and seeing if this “puzzle” format is for you.

So before purchasing this, please be aware that this is not your classic Mario game.

“Mario vs. Donkey Kong” releases on Friday.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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