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Law Firm Allegedly Fired Employees Over Pro-Trump, Pro-Police Social Media Posts

Western Journal



The president of the Kain & Scott law firm in St. Cloud, Minnesota, allegedly terminated employees he deemed “racist.”

Their offense? Posting on social media in support of law enforcement and former President Donald Trump.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Wesley Scott, enraged by the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion, “sent an e-mail in April to all the firm’s lawyers, saying that the ‘traitors on Jan. 6′ should have been shot.”

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Scott then branded two of the law firm’s employees as racists, citing their pro-Trump and pro-police social media posts. He demanded that the firm’s operations manager fire them.

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Her refusal to comply led Scott to terminate her as well.

Scott then took it a step further, firing an additional employee and threatening to fire another, the Tribune reported.

Scott’s partners — William Kain, Margaret Henehan and Kelsey Quarberg — confronted him, noting that firing employees for their political beliefs violates Minnesota state law.

Scott then called the police to remove Quarberg, who he alleged was “trespassing and physically threatening him,” according to the Tribue.

He also changed the office locks and cut off his former partners’ phones and email accounts, the outlet added.

Scott now faces a wrongful termination lawsuit. His former partners claim he accused them of plotting a “coup” against him.

“We have three employees … who are way over the top violating everything that is dear to us and I won’t let it happen,” Scott reportedly said to staffers during a meeting.

He maintained that the three partners were terminated for insubordination.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time employees have allegedly been fired for their conservative political beliefs.

In December, a Pennsylvania principal accused her former employer of firing her for sharing conservative memes on Facebook, Fox News reported.

In 2019, the New York Post reported that a Google engineer claimed he was fired from the Big Tech company for being a conservative.

What these employees faced has become a startling reality for conservatives in the workforce.

The intolerance of the “tolerant” left is astoundingly ironic.

Privately held beliefs are no grounds for termination, just as conservative values — including support for law enforcement and the former president — are in no way synonymous with racism.

If any conviction can be construed as hatred or bigotry, who knows where this slippery slope might lead?

In this age of war against our First Amendment rights — an attack now so intense that private and professional life can no longer be considered separately — the prejudice against conservatives steadily grows. Just look at the plight of conservatives in academia.

This isn’t the goal of a free society.

It’s the same narrow-minded intolerance leftists credit to the right.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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