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Lawyer for Covington Kid Brings $250 Million Defamation Suit Against 'Washington Post'

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A lawyer for one of the Covington Catholic kids falsely accused of being a “racist” against a group of Native Americans in Washington D.C. is now suing the Washington Post for defamation… for a whopping 250 million bucks.

You’ll recall that the whole left-wing media establishment jumped to the conclusions that a group of Catholic school kids from Kentucky were “racists” when video broke that liberals claimed showed the teens “mocking” a group of Native Americans led by notorious liar Nathan Phillips.

“News” outlets such as the Washington Post immediately branded the kids as white privilege-infused racists. The accusation was slammed home when the media began selling the lies of the leader of the Indian group, Nathan Phillips.

Phillips stampeded to every camera he could find to tell the media that the boys yelled racist, Trump slogans at him, that they threateningly “blocked” his movements, and that they mocked and intimidated him and his group.

But over the ensuing days, more and longer videos of the encounter between the school boys and the Native Americans came out that proved exactly the opposite of the original claims. Indeed, it was the kids who were accosted by the activists — including a group of black radicals that had been calling the boys names for half an hour before the Indians even showed up.

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Sadly, the ignoramuses at the Covington Diocese immediately joined the left-wing media in denouncing the boys as racists. But, after the other videos emerged, the Catholic authorities launched an investigation that eventually cleared the boys of all wrongdoing.

“We found no evidence of offensive or racist statements by students to Mr. Phillips or members of his group,” the Church report said. “Some students performed a ‘tomahawk chop’ to the beat of Mr. Phillips’ drumming and some joined in Mr. Phillips’ chant.”

Now the main schoolboy who was accused of racism, Nick Sandmann, is suing those who attacked him unfairly and without proof.

According to the Washington Times:

“Nick Sandmann is 16 years old & has 2½+ years to identify accusers & sue them,” Atlanta attorney L. Lin Wood said Saturday on Twitter. “No member of mainstream & social media mob who attacked him should take comfort from not being sued in initial round of lawsuits which will commence next week. Time is Nick’s friend, not his enemy.”

Also, according to Reuters:

The lawsuit claims that the newspaper “wrongfully targeted and bullied” the teen to advance its bias against President Donald Trump because Sandmann is a white Catholic who wore a Make America Great Again souvenir cap on a school field trip to the March for Life anti-abortion rally in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 18.

Sandmann’s lawyer, Lin Wood, added that more lawsuits would be filed against other news sources and even some entertainers in the coming weeks.

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