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Lawyers Lining Up for Spotlight in Latest Vineyard Drama

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Just as soon as the wealthy folks on Martha’s Vineyard were exposed for their behind-the-scenes disgust over 50 migrants flying into their elite enclave, the lawyers came slithering around.

At first, as the migrants made their way into town, the residents of the posh community put on a show; cooking meals, donating clothing, and working to make the travelers as comfortable as possible.  But as soon as they were “off the record”, the gloves came off too, and their true feelings about the situation came to be known.

And now that they’ve been exposed, a new phase of the situation appears to be nigh.

The Massachusetts attorney general and the federal government received letters Sunday alleging the transportation of “vulnerable” immigrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard was a “political stunt” demanding open criminal investigations.

Lawyers representing some of those involved claimed their clients “were induced to board airplanes and cross state lines under false pretenses,” including promises of working opportunities, schooling for their children and immigration assistance, by people working with and on behalf of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), the Washington Times reports.

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Some were even bold enough to suggest that “racism”, and not a poor immigration policy, was to blame.

Lawyers for Civil Rights (LCR) further accused Florida of targeting the migrants “based on race and national origin” in an attempt to make a political statement.

LCR, which counts about 30 of the migrants as clients, claimed the trip had consequences for those who may miss immigration check-ins and were left on an island where job prospects for adults and education opportunities for children are in slim supply, the report set out.

Martha’s Vineyard was so incensed by the influx of a few dozen migrants that the state’s Governor was forced to mobilize the National Guard in order to relocate them to a nearby military base.

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