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Leak Reveals Chinese Military Command Is Planning a War but Is Terrified of China's Achilles Heel Getting Hit

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A new report in the Times of India claims that China is well in the process of developing invasion plans to attack Taiwan, but there are fears one weakness could upset the country’s plans.

The report said concerns center around the Pearl River area of Guangdong province.

”Stability of the Pearl River Delta would be key to the stability of Guangdong and China,” the report said.

According to the report, officials there left with marching orders to prepare plans to move to a war footing.

The report stated that the leaked audio tape “focuses on ensuring stable production and ensuring the security of the supply of important strategic materials. It mentions smashing Taiwan independence forces and not hesitating to start a war, resolutely defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

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The report said businesses and manufacturers must be ready to shift their focus from “focusing on economic development to ensuring strategic victory.”

The report said the province is expected to have 140,000 troops ready for war, along with 953 ships and 1,653 units of so-called “unmanned” equipment.

In addition, it said, “the National Defense Commission clearly stated that our province shall coordinate the implementation of the seven types of national warfare resources, including mainly, 64 10,000-ton roll-on/roll-off ships, 38 aircraft, 588 train cars and 19 civil facilities including airport and docks.”

The report also said, “After the meeting, the Provincial Party Committee General Office issues the minutes of the meeting. It is recommended that all departments follow the deployment of the meeting, immediately open a joint military-civilian command and operational command posts, specifically plan and deploy, and organize the province’s Normal to War status transition work.”

Will China seize Taiwan soon?

Last week, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines called the threat that China will attack Taiwan “acute,” according to the New York Post.

​“It’s our view that they [the Chinese] are working hard to effectively put themselves into a position in which their military is capable of taking Taiwan over our intervention,” Haines said.

Taiwan is bracing for an attack, even if it does not know when.

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Su Jun, a tattoo artist, now practices his target shooting in case he is one day needed to repel invaders, according to the Los Angles Times.

“It just feels like anything is possible,” Su said.

Caren Huang, a former financial analyst, is also preparing.

“If they really need me to pick up a gun and defend the country, or if they need any kind of first aid, or if they want us to do anything else to help, then I’ll do it,” Huang said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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