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'LED BY SATAN': Walmart Shooter's Sprawling Manifesto Revealed

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As news surrounding a shooting at a Virginia Walmart this week evolved, the nation began to see a rather horrible story turn into a downright evil one, almost overnight.

Earlier in the week, a manager at the store came to work with a pistol, then shot and killed 6 of his coworkers and then himself.  Now, as investigators reach into the shooter’s past, some of what they are discovering is truly disturbing.

Andre Bing — an employee and accused gunman behind six killings at a Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart — left a manifesto blaming the deadly violence on “torment” by coworkers and demonic influences.

“Sorry God, I’ve failed you, this was not your fault but my own. I failed to listen to the groans of the holy spirit which made me a poor representation of You,” Bing wrote in a note released Friday by Chesapeake police.

Bing wrote that he “was harassed by idiots with low intelligence and a lack of wisdom,” specifically mentioning an incident in which his “dignity was completely taken away beyond repair by my phone getting hacked.”

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The “Death note” includes multiple anecdotes of what Bing believed was targeted harassment from his coworkers. He goes on to state he believed that those around him were intentionally harassing him and sabotaging his life.

And then:

The document has recurring religious themes and references to both God and the demonic, with Bing writing, “Sorry everyone but I did not plan this I promise things just fell in place like I was led by the Satan.”

At one point, Bing says a coworker was “emanating with the holy spirit” and “unlike me she actually listened to the holy spirit.”

Bing’s note continues with a number of screeds against specific coworkers and distinct incidents of alleged harassment.

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