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Leftism Ruins Everything: Beloved Show Running for Decades Declared Dead After New Scenes Surface

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Few shows in the annals of science fiction history have garnered the fandom — or longevity — of British sci-fi hit “Doctor Who.”

The show has been around so long that segregation still existed in America when the first episode of “Doctor Who” released in 1963.

That original run went from 1963 to 1989, before the show was ultimately picked back up by BBC in 2005, where it’s still going today.

For the unaware, a quick synopsis of the show: “Doctor Who” focuses on the hijinks and (mis)adventures of the titular Doctor, a spacefaring, time-traveling wizard of sorts.

One of the most notable aspects of the show is the fact that the Doctor is regularly replaced with a new actor, something which is actually baked into the show’s narrative as the Doctor periodically needs to “regenerate.”

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These regeneration plot threads make for classic sci-fi fodder, but also give the show a built-in mechanism to keep things fresh without losing narrative threads. There have been plenty of storylines picked up by one Doctor’s actor, only to be seen out by a different actor’s take on the character.

Despite that, or perhaps because of it, some Doctors naturally garnered bigger followings than others.

Of the more modern actors to portray the Doctor since its return in 2005, nobody has been more inextricably linked to the role than British actor David Tennant, who portrayed the Doctor from 2005 through 2010.

Given that, one would imagine that Doctor Who fans would be excited that Tennant appeared poised to return to the iconic role (a first in Doctor Who history) for a 2023 special meant to bridge the gap until the next proper season of the show (tentatively set to begin 2024.)

Have you ever been a Dr. Who fan?

One would imagine correctly, in that case, but fleetingly so.

Because whatever goodwill and excitement that Tennant’s return to the iconic role engendered were swiftly dashed when the first of three 2023 specials dropped on Saturday.

(It should be pointed out that the previous Doctor, the first portrayed by an actress, was generally reviled for veering the show into social justice-tinged storylines and generally moving the show further left. More on this very shortly.)

A quick glance at some of the clips circulating on social media shows Tennant’s Doctor far more interested in worldly, leftist drivel and not the star-spanning adventures fans had come to expect.

Take a look for yourself below and note that this isn’t some overworked grade school teacher dealing with students screeching about pronouns… This is a “Time Lord” (the Doctor’s alien species in the show) ostensibly one of the strongest beings in that fiction’s universe.

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Also, note the angry comments from fans:

In the above post, the X user simply used the hashtag “RIPDoctorWho,” to describe a scene in which the hero of the show is verbally undressed for assuming the gender of an extraterrestrial — because you know, that’s what Doctor Who fans want to watch.

Other clips that surfaced showed the show taking a decidedly anti-male tenor:

“The franchise is dead,” one X user posted. “This is enough cringe to kill a pack of elephants.”

That same X user shared a different clip, which again seemed to permeate an odious disdain for men:

Unlike the show’s main character, the regenerative properties of “Doctor Who” are going to be tested, if furious social media users are any indication:

Look, this writer can barely tell the difference between a Dalek, Klingon or Wookiee, but even a distinct lack of sci-fi fandom shouldn’t preclude the obvious: Far-leftism ruins many things, but few things worse than “fun.”

From sports, to music, to film and television, there is nothing that the self-destructive and self-loathsome leftist ideology won’t ruin.

Whether it’s the NFL being turned into a glorified game of flag football or pro-transgender messaging sneaking into children’s movies, far-leftism has swiftly become that one annoying classmate everyone knew who insisted on interjecting his or herself into every conversation, invitation be damned.

And just like those conversations that these socially inept students tried to be a part of, once they’ve infiltrated it, it’s easier just to disperse and reconvene elsewhere than deal with whatever guilt trip you’re about to be sent on.

Leftism has already done its best to take down the NBA and comic books.

If the current trajectory of “Doctor Who” is any indication, looks like they’re coming after an even bigger whale — science fiction — next.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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