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Leftist Mob Puts Fake "Tolerance" on Display by Launching Deplorable Attacks Against TPUSA's Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk

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Head of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, and the group’s communications director, Candace Owens, got a full dose of that oh so awesome liberal “tolerance” we hear so much about as they were sitting at a restaurant on Monday in the “city of brotherly love” — Philly — when they were mobbed by a group of left-wing activists.

The raging liberals spotted them through a window and within minutes, 20-30 of these folks were mobilized and began harassing Kirk and Owens inside the restaurant, then attacked them again outside. Things were so bad the police were forced to show up and separate the group from the two.

The protesters were apparently yelling about “white supremacy”; at least one protester threw a drink on Kirk.

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Last week, CNN’s Jim Acosta fretted over members of a Trump audience chanting “CNN sucks” and yelling at him. That drew national news. Undoubtedly the same media interested in civility will cover Kirk and Owens the same way.

Yes, these are the same folks who complain about the “violent rhetoric” being spewed forth by the evil, right-wingers, now out on the streets, physically assaulting people.

Apparently their IQs, which seem to be smaller than their shoe sizes, cannot grasp the ironic hypocrisy of their actions. Calling for an end to violent intolerance with acts of, well, violent intolerance, only goes to show the absurdity of the leftist worldview.

Unfortunately for the rest of the country, these folks lack the mental faculties necessary to overcome this glitch in ideological application. Perhaps, one day, these folks will grow a brain and finally get that doing this sort of thing really hurts their cause.

Source: Daily Wire

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