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Leftist Narrative Crumbles as Pelosi Attack Suspect's Ex-Partner Reveals His Political Beliefs

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From the moment the story broke on Oct. 28 that Paul Pelosi had been attacked in the San Francisco home he shares with wife Nancy Pelosi — the speaker of the House and the third-most-powerful person in the country — the left was determined to tie the incident to Republicans and the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion.

In a speech Wednesday, President Joe Biden tried to draw that line, saying, “The assailant entered the home asking, ‘Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?’ Those were the very same words used by the mob when they stormed the United States Capitol on January the 6th.”

Sadly, for Biden and the Democrats, at least, this has been a rather difficult case to make as it becomes more and more apparent that accused Pelosi attacker David DePape’s well-documented life history shows that he is a raging leftist.

If the facts that he is a nudist activist and appears to live in a stereotypical Berkeley hippie community that is adorned with “Black Lives Matter” and LGBT “pride” signs don’t already have us raising our eyebrows, the assurance of his former partner that he’s “always been” progressive only makes the official narrative more difficult to believe.

DePape’s “ex-life partner,” Oxane “Gypsy” Taub, spoke about him in an interview with KGO-TV from prison, where she is serving a 20-year sentence for stalking and attempting to abduct a 14-year-old boy with whom she became infatuated in 2018.

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She too is “a well-known nudist activist,” according to the report Sunday.

Taub told KGO she and DePape were both staunch progressives.

“Well when I met him, he was only 20 years old, and he didn’t have any experience in politics, and he was very much in alignment with my views and I’ve always been very progressive,” she explained when asked whether he had ever shown animosity toward politicians.

“I absolutely admire Nancy Pelosi,” she added.

Are you suspicious of the Pelosi attack narrative?

Taub also said DePape had once gone missing for a year and when he returned home had been deranged and paranoid.

“He came back in very bad shape. He thought he was Jesus. He was constantly paranoid, thinking people were after him,” she said. “And it took a good year or two to get back to, you know, being halfway normal.”

“He is mentally ill. He has been mentally ill for a long time,” said Taub — a woman who fell in love with a teenager and tried to abduct him when she was in her late 40s.

That was the company DePape kept.

Also consider the fact that a Democratic state senator who once suggested mandatory drag shows for children admitted he knew of the alleged Pelosi attacker.

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“I’ve been aware of him for a long time,” California Sen. Scott Weiner said of DePape in an interview with KGO last week.

“He was associated with the public nudity folks in the Castro,” Weiner explained, referring to San Francisco’s famed Castro district, a hub of LGBT activism and community for decades.

Weiner, clearly up to date on the party line about the Pelosi attack, however, declared that DePape had “clearly” just gotten brainwashed by “QAnon” since his days of demonstrating for public nudity in a neighborhood known for its drag queens and bondage fetish fashion.

“But he clearly, in recent years, got completely brainwashed by right-wing conspiracy theories, about anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, QAnon kind of stuff,” the state senator said. “And that is absolutely what led him to target Speaker Pelosi.”

Does anyone really believe this?

The Democrats have been determined to tie the Pelosi attack to “QAnon” and supporters of former President Donald Trump, but at absolute best, they are framing a suspect with apparent mental illness. Neither his eccentric nudist activism nor his supposed drastic switch to right-wing conspiracy theories can be taken as evidence that his ideas were grounded in rational thought, much less the rhetoric of either political party.

At worst, and in reality, the Democrats jumped all over this incident to suit their political narrative of right-wing violence just days before the midterm elections, and the narrative is just not matching up with the facts.

From questions about the Pelosis’ security to inconsistencies in the 911 dispatcher’s account to reports about DePape, there are many factors to this story that don’t add up.

This is certainly a fitting example for us just days before the midterms of how the Democrats have been gaslighting the American people for years.

They just tell us when we see a border crisis that it’s really just white supremacy, abortion restrictions are anti-woman, patriotism is racist, protecting children from pornography in schools is bigoted, and if they lose the 2022 elections, it will be due to deranged QAnon sleeper agents like the progressive nudist activist David DePape.

You might be able to get a lot of attention with such a narrative, but as the American people will probably show up en masse to tell the Democrats on Tuesday, you can’t run a country like this.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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