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Leftist Threats of Violence Force UCLA to Provide Security Escort for Conservative Student

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While the political left often boasts tolerance and inclusivity, it appears that liberals on UCLA’s campus aren’t quite living up to those ideals.

Christian Walker, a conservative influencer and student at UCLA, claims he is being escorted around the Los Angeles campus by security officers due to violent threats from liberal students.

Walker is the son of former athlete and winner of the 1982 Heisman Trophy, Herschel Walker, the Trump-endorsed candidate running to represent Georgia in the Senate in the 2022 midterms.

Walker grew a substantial following during the COVID-19 pandemic as he spoke out against government mandates, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement.

On March 29, Walker claimed that he had received various credible threats of violence on campus simply for being a well-known conservative.

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He took to Twitter, saying “I’m a ‘minority’ student at one of the most liberal colleges in the country.”

Ironically, it seems that Walker’s identity as a black, gay conservative has made him a target of the “tolerant” and “inclusive” leftists at UCLA.

“I have to be escorted around campus by security due to threats from left wing students… because I’m not a leftist,” he added.

Do you believe conservatives are discriminated against on college campuses?

Despite having only a few months left until graduation, Walker claimed that threats from radical leftists have escalated to the point that his mother is begging him to drop out.

He further claimed that both students and administrators have attempted to “bully and intimidate” him out of voicing his political opinions.

Despite this, according to him, the school has yet to address these concerns.

“The administration turns a blind eye while seeking to appease angry woke blue haired leftists who foam at the mouth because they can’t weaponize my identity against me,” he added in an Instagram post.

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The Western Journal reached out to UCLA regarding the threats against Walker.

“We cannot share confidential student information due to privacy laws and policies. Students who feel their safety is at risk are strongly encouraged to contact the UCLA Police Department. Students also may report suspected violations of the Student Conduct Code to the Office of Student Conduct,” said Bill Kisliuk, the Director of Media Relations at UCLA.

After putting in years of hard work, Walker has no intention of dropping out. “I refuse to cower to the mob. I refuse to compromise on my beliefs. And I refuse to give up critical thinking (what you’re supposed to practice at a university),” Walker said on Instagram.

Walker aims to encourage his followers to stand their ground “and never bow to the woke mob.” He has used his platform to inspire the student community nationwide, saying “To all conservative and non-leftist students: You’re not alone. Be brave.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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