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Liberal Host Slams Mask Mandates as Pandemic Becomes Endemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic is ending.  The signs are all around us in early 2022, as the spring thaws begin to peak through the forecast, and thanks in part to the rapid spread of the mild “omicron” variant that provided a great deal of natural immunity to parts of the world that dealt with the strain.

Heck, even Dr. Anthony Fauci has been talking about getting back to “normalcy”, which seemed a little out of character for the normally gloomy epidemiologist.

Now, in another sign of the times, it appears as though even the liberal television pundits are growing wary of the overly-strict mandates in these waning days of the pandemic.

Take Bill Maher, for example, who blasted school mask mandates during his HBO program this week.

 Maher said, “They don’t need them. Kids — I mean, kids are the least vulnerable. And I mean, to make these little children into Howie Mandels is what you’re doing. No, it’s true. You’re creating a generation of Howie Mandels, of little germ-paranoid munchkins. It’s just — it’s so [ridiculous].”

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He added, “Especially when they are young. I mean, that’s the first thing they remember, and it’s going to get imprinted on them. And it’s just — I mean, kids are gross to begin with. You’ve got to let them be gross. … And germs are not — they need also, to get germs in their body. Of course, there are ones you can’t get in you. … It’s true. It’s how you get healthy, is you live in the world. You can’t live in a world by getting rid of all germs or avoiding them. It’s insane.”

The statement comes on the heels of announcements from several European nations that all COVID restrictions will be lifted in the coming weeks.

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