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Liberal Outlet Contributor Says ‘Single-Payer Deniers’ Are As Bad As Climate Change Deniers

Here’s a new one…

John Salvatore



Single-payer health care is government-run health care. It’s that simple. It’s cut and dry. But because the left loves them some big government, they want to see single-payer come to fruition.

By the time Democrats realize all the damage they have caused with their socialist policies, it will be too late for the nation to recover. But until then, they’ll keep pushing because they think they are doing the right thing.

Check out this comedian over at Young Turks. He’s a really funny guy. None of what he says makes sense but he seems to find a way to justify it in his own mind. His ultimate goal is to keep the uninformed in the dark – just like all liberal outlets.

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The single-payer deniers are a lot like the climate deniers. A thousand objections, and whenever you meet 1, they have a new one, even as the status quo has us on a collision course with catastrophe. What is the plan these people have in the alternative?


Just because the opposition does not have a “plan” does not mean that yours isn’t a giant flaming piece of garbage

Haha! It’s the same leftist playbook:

1) label
2) other
3) defame

“Single-payer deniers”?

Obamacare was so magical and great, that it will cost $53 trillion to fix! Without raising taxes. You all were so trustworthy and honest the first time around, why would we doubt you now?

I always thought Obamacare fixed everything

Here: work with this

I have amazing coverage purchased through my employer.

Government doesn’t run anything well.

convince me that government can some how provide better and cheaper coverage.

i dare you

“What’s the plan they have in alternative?” is such a stupid argument as well. If the house is on fire and they suggest we douse it with gasoline, my inability to find an alternative doesn’t make gasoline a good idea.

If math is this hard for you, I can’t imagine how bad your brain hurts with economics.

We actually don’t need to justify our distaste for socialized medicine and our reluctance to enter into it, you need to convince us. Bullying won’t work and will only invite more push-back. It would actually be easier to go get a big-boy job and pay for your own shit.

Single payer proponents still haven’t found the money trees the cost of their dumb ideas were going to grow from.

You should blend these issues more, it’s a good confirmatory illustration of why the climate issue is more about the left trying to get their way than about science. This only helps solidify that understanding.

Can I get a “open borders deniers are a lot like climate deniers?”😎

We should deny the term single-payer. It’s doublespeak. It should only be called socialized medicine or gov’t-run, monopolistic healthcare. I’ll even accept VA-for-All.

H/T: Twitchy

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