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'Liberal Santa' Leaves Boy In Tears, Says He Can't Get Nerf Gun for Christmas (Watch)

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Nerf gun violence is a serious threat to our society. Each year, between zero and two children are forced to use a band-aid to cover up a slight scratch on their arm.

Absolutely devastating.

Welcome to 2020, where even ol’ Saint Nick is a libtard.

From Right Scoop:

He (or she, not sure) asked the boy what he wanted for Christmas. The boy didn’t know at first, but then said he wanted a nerf gun.

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That’s when this sad excuse for a Santa said “nope, no guns.” After the mom clarified that he was simply asking for a nerf gun, Santa replied “not even a nerf gun.”


Was this particular Santa told beforehand to say no to any sort of gun gift, or did he act on his own?

Either way, pretty damn silly.

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