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Lin Wood Reveals Screenshot Suggesting that Tucker and Hunter are 'Buddy Buddy'

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All the world’s a stage, right?  Isn’t that the de facto anecdote we turn to when our illusions about the world around us are shattered?  It’s the, “welp, I guess this counts as closure” statement that we use as a bandaid over our confusion.

Controversial attorney Lin Wood is almost undoubtedly understanding of this idea, having been inversely reviled at times by both sides of the aisle.  His latest bit of strange behavior has involved a couple of the mainstream media’s most controversial figures:  Fox New host Tucker Carlson and Hunter Biden, long-embattled son of the President.

The Donald Trump-allied lawyer Lin Wood claims that the Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, have a “buddy-buddy” relationship. On Thursday, Wood posted what he claims is a conversation between the two as proof.

While it’s unclear who originally posted the email exchange between Biden and Carlson, Wood uploaded the unredacted and unverified screenshot to his Telegram channel on Thursday night. It appears to show three emails between Biden and Carlson from November 2014.

Neither Carlson nor Biden has confirmed the authenticity of the messages.

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And what was this purported evidence?

In the exchange, Carlson appears to thank Biden for writing a reference letter to Georgetown University — which Biden attended — for his son, Buckley.

While the mainstream media still portrays Wood as a supporter of former President Trump, those who’ve been following along with this storyline aren’t so sure, citing the conniving attorney’s penchant for flip flopping.

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