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Lindsey Graham Calling For Bipartisan Response To China's Handling Of Coronavirus Crisis

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Sen. Lindsey Graham is currently calling for a bipartisan effort from lawmakers in order to hold China responsible for the part they played in ushering in the coronavirus pandemic that has spread across the globe over the last several months, leaving thousands upon thousands dead.

Graham made an appearance on Fox News Monday evening where the South Carolina member of the GOP was asked about the official death count that has been reported in China. Wuhan, which has a population of 11 million, only 3,869 fatalities were reported. Compare that to New York City which has seen 17,500 deaths among a population of 8.4 million and it’s pretty clear to see that something isn’t adding up.

Here are some of Graham’s thoughts on this from The Washington Examiner:

“That is Chinese Communist Party B.S.,” Graham said in response to the figures. “Here’s what we do know: 26 million Americans are out of work because of this virus. Almost 56,000 Americans are dead because of this virus. It came from China — I’m not saying they intentionally did this, a combination of gross negligence plus willful deception by the Chinese government led to this.”

“Here’s my plea to my Democratic colleagues: Please don’t give China a pass for this pandemic. Work with me to compel China to do three things that need to be done,” he continued.

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Graham said that China must fully cooperate with investigations into how the virus originated, which includes a very plausible theory about the virus escaping from a lab in Wuhan rather than from the wet market. The senator also said that wet markets, which sell animals like monkeys and bats need to be completely shut down. A third condition put forward was for the country to release Hong Kong protesters jailed for advocating for democracy.

“We’re going to put sanctions on China until they do those three things,” he said. “And I need Democrats. Democrats have been very solid when it comes to China. Please do not give China a pass.”

Graham was asked what sort of consequences China should face if they opt not to cooperate with those three conditions. He replied by saying, “We’re going to seize assets of Chinese officials that are responsible for not reporting the pandemic.”

“We’re going to cut China off from U.S. financial institutions. We’re going to shut down visa travel into the United States for Chinese students,” Graham went on. “We’re going to make it hard for them to do business in the United States until they fully cooperate, close the wet markets, and release the Hong Kong democracy advocates.”

“So, to the Democratic Party, join me and President Trump and all Republicans to send a signal to China: Business as usual is over until you change your behavior,” Graham finished.

China is responsible for this mess, and as such, it’s their duty to clean it all up, so holding them accountable for what happened seems like a logical thing to do. They should also pay for the economic damage they caused with this virus and the misinformation they spread.

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