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Lindsey Graham Gives Touching Tribute to John McCain on Senate Floor. Then, He Gets a Phone Call From Trump.

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The mainstream media has been all over the McCain-Trump feud following the news that McCain had discontinued cancer treatment and later passed away…as if that had anything to do with the Senator’s passing.

While Trump did attract quite a bit of attention (that, let’s face it, the media were dying to give him), for ordering the White House flags back up to full mass before McCain had been buried, he has otherwise been fairly respectful as Washington mourns the loss of a great hero and American patriot.

In fact, in what seems to be a pretty uncharacteristically gracious move for Trump, he called Sen. Lindsey Graham following Graham’s emotional tribute to McCain on the Senate floor Tuesday.

Trump, Graham said, was incredibly kind and clearly felt the impact of McCain’s loss despite their history.

The Washington Examiner reports:

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Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., revealed President Trump called him after he gave an emotional tribute to the late Sen. John McCain on the Senate floor Tuesday.

“He called yesterday after my speech and he couldn’t have been nicer,” Graham told CNN on Wednesday. “He said, ‘That was very sad. I just wanted to let you know that you did right by your friend.’ I said, ‘Thank you, Mr. President.’”

Graham found himself in a unique situation being close friends with McCain, who was a strong critic of the president’s, while being an ally to Trump, who had been disparaging of McCain.

“I regret the relationship between the two. John is my dearest friend in the world and I’m going to try to help President Trump … When he says something bad about John, it pisses me off,” Graham said.

Graham said he doesn’t agree with people who tell him he can’t honor McCain if he isn’t fighting Trump.

The majority of the press will most likely overlook this kind gesture, but it’s certainly worth mentioning that Trump is able to feel for his cohorts in Washington who were close to McCain and loved him.

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