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Lindsey Graham is Outraged at GOP's 'Folding' on Debt Ceiling

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For weeks now, the nation watched and waited, wondering if our elected officials were going to run us right into a fiscal brick wall, all on account of their desire to get the other guy.

The US came dangerously close to a default this week, as Democrats and Republicans butted heads, refusing to compromise, putting we the people at serious financial risk.  That disdain aside for now, Senator Lindsey Graham is lashing out – not at the faulty two-party system that brought us this mess, however.   No, Graham told Hannity viewers that he was incensed over the GOP’s decision to give up.

“Well, we screwed up. For two months, we promised our base and the American people that we would not help the Democratic Party raise the debt ceiling so they could spend $3.5 to $5 trillion through reconciliation. At the end of the day, we blinked. Two things have happened: We let our people down, and we made Democrats believe that we are all talk and no action. At the end of the day, every Republican voted against raising the debt ceiling, every Democratic senator voted for it. But we had a process in place. We made a promise, for two months, that we would make them do it without our help and we folded, and I hate that.”

But Graham was hopeful that Republicans could revisit the issue soon.

“We’re in a hole; we’ve got to dig out of this hole and we can. We shot ourselves in the foot tonight, but we will revisit this issue in December.”

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This is perhaps one of the only real wins of the Biden administration thus far, and it is obvious that it pains many within the GOP to have allowed it to occur at all.


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