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Lindsey Graham Makes Simple, Stern Demand in Hunter Biden Probe

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What we know of Hunter Biden so far isn’t so great, leaving many to wonder just how bad things will be when we finally get to the bottom of this mess.

The President’s son has been in the spotlight quite a bit of late, after a recent hack of his iCloud account manifested a fresh round of embarrassing material, including some of the classic Hunter-isms:  Crack cocaine, prostitutes, gun, familial extortion…you now, the usual.

Now, as pressure mounts on the DOJ to take a peek at just how the unhinged behavior of the President’s son may be a national security issue, Senator Lindsey Graham has a rather simple demand.

Graham called for the investigation to follow the standard for former President Donald Trump when he was accused of colluding with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

“I believe that you should have somebody looking at Hunter Biden other than a Delaware prosecutor,” he said. “We’re having a prosecutor in the guy’s home state. The prosecutor is a fine fellow, but can you imagine what the left would do if I suggested we should not have a special counsel in the Mueller investigation? We had a guy. It worked.”

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And also:

“What I am saying is, given all the evidence coming out about Hunter Biden – the laptop is real,” Graham continued. “Every media outlet in the country suppressed the story, including social media. The laptop is real. They said it wasn’t. I want somebody outside of politics, Delaware politics, looking at Hunter Biden like they looked at Trump. That’s not unfair.”

Of course, if impartiality wouldn’t suit the Biden family, then we shouldn’t expect Graham’s reasonable and sound request to be honored…and it will be telling.

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