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Lindsey Graham Tries Stalling Senate Leadership Vote Until...

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With the midterm elections all settled save a pesky runoff in the Peach State, Congress appears to be getting back to the business of setting up for the new year.

This includes, of course, an already-controversial situation in which Senate Republicans must decide whether or not to stick with Mitch McConnell as their leader in the chamber, or appease the younger, more enthusiastic members of the party.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham thinks that this is the sort of thing that should wait until the aforementioned Georgia runoff is complete.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joined the chorus of Republicans calling for a delay on any Senate leadership votes until after the Georgia runoff.

Graham announced in a tweet on Sunday a vote prior to the Georgia runoff would be unfair to Republican Herschel Walker if he were to beat Raphael Warnock.

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In light of [the Georgia senate] runoff, it would be appropriate to delay Senate leadership elections until we know who is in the Senate Republican Conference. I totally agree with Senator [Ted Cruz] that to do otherwise would be disrespectful to [Herschel Walker].”

And also:

“All Republicans should be focused on winning in Georgia and trying to understand the midterm elections before Senate leadership elections or moving on to the 2024 presidential race,” he added.

With the GOP currently in a bit of intra-party tiff regarding the future of the organization, Mitch McConnell’s leadership has become a hot-button topic, and stalling the vote may be a good way for the old guard to cool things off a little bit before trying to get their guy installed again.

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