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Lindsey Graham Wants to Make Official Designation Regarding Taliban

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Things are getting downright strange in regard to the new government in Afghanistan, and Lindsey Graham isn’t exactly sure he’s comfortable with it all.

The South Carolina Senator has been around long enough to remember the Taliban’s undeniable role in the terror attacks of September 11th, and the US government’s 20 year war to eradicate the radical Jihadist organization.

So, now that they are looking to be recognized as an official government in the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”, Graham is putting his foot down.

From a recent appearance on Fox and Friends:

“Well, right now, you have to make a decision about the Taliban. Do you recognize them as the legitimate government of Afghanistan? If you do, you set in motion a disaster throughout the world. They’re terrorists. I’m going to try to introduce legislation naming the Taliban as a foreign terrorist organization. What would I do?”

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And that’s not all…

“I would bleed the Taliban dry. I would wait for the civil war to emerge, and it certainly will. And I would help the people on the other side. I would make the Taliban’s life difficult. I would watch them like a hawk, the best I could. If I saw any indication of a rise in al Qaeda, I would act, but I would isolate the Taliban. The Biden administration, I think, is going to embrace the Taliban, which puts Americans all over the world at risk.”

The Taliban is this week asking America to donate to their newly founded government, which is something that US taxpayers aren’t likely to find amenable.

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