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Little Boy Has a Message For NY Times Reporter and It's Stirring The Pot

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On Tuesday, President Trump paid a visit to Nashville, Tennessee, where he gave a speech at a campaign rally in support of U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn for her candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

However, the reason the event has become so newsworthy has nothing to do with anything the president said, and everything to do with a young boy who had a message for a New York Times reporter.

This is actually pretty funny.

During the rally, New York Times reporter and CNN analyst Julie Davis claimed that she noticed a young boy who had a message for her and the rest of the media:

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Davis’ colleague, New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters, quickly added fodder to the young boy’s perception of the media by claiming that Trump was “infecting” children.

Reactions to the boy were fairly mixed, with liberals on Twitter expressing typical fake outrage and disgust, while the right mocked Davis and others over making such a big deal out of the incident:

Wild New Meteor 'Storm' Could Hit Earth Monday Night

This child wouldn’t be taught a negative view of the media if such claims weren’t firmly grounded in truth and reality.

CNN and many other major left-wing news outlets have forsaken the whole concept of journalistic integrity and have moved from objectively presenting both sides of an argument and allowing people to decide for themselves, to completely spoon feeding people what to think and believe.

It’s never been the duty of the press to force a particular worldview down the intellectual gullet of news consumers .It’s always been to educate and inform, nothing else. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten very far away from the guiding principles of our great republic over the last two decades.

Let’s hope that when this boy is an adult, his generation is able to clean up the horrific mess the current generation is leaving behind.

Source: The Daily Wire

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