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Liz Cheney Says That Donald Trump 'Clearly' 'Violated the Law'

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With every passing week that the DOJ is unable to charge Donald Trump with a crime, Americans grow suspicious.  The full weight of the federal law enforcement system has been pressed upon Trump, his family, his allies, and his business for months upon months, but with no tangible indication that any sort of indictment is on its way.

If they haven’t found anything by now, it’s unlikely that anything they find now will be effective, profound, or even legitimate.

But still, the drivel continues to flow.

The latest wild allegation comes from Liz Cheney, and outgoing Congresswoman from Wyoming, who had the following to say during an appearance on CNN.

Anchor Jake Tapper asked. “Do you think, as a personal opinion and an attorney, that there are criminal offenses?”

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Cheney said, “Well, I want to be careful because I’m the vice chair of the committee because the committee itself has to make determinations about criminal referrals. Those are decisions that the committee will make.”

Then came the nonsensical assertion.

She added, “I think clearly what we have laid out, though, indicates that the former president of the United States was involved in efforts that were not only unconstitutional but also violated the law.”

Of course, without an expeditious indictment, Cheney’s claims hold no weight, and the longer it takes the Biden administration to make a move on Trump, the less likely they are to convince America of their integrity.

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