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Liz Warren Decides to Sling Mud Early, Goes After Mike Pence

Warren’s campaign has been full of adaptive attitude and stylistic changes aimed at finding a foothold before some of the more likely names announce their candidacy.



Elizabeth Warren

It is easy to get caught up in the drama that has been occurring over on the left side of American politics as of late.

We are drawn to this debauchery in part due to our undeniable need to keep and eye on the democratic party.  They’ve been radicalizing themselves at an alarming rate as of late, with riots and GOP assassination attempts to show for it.  If we take our eyes off of the democrats for even the slightest moment, we would run the risk of allowing their newfound proximity to antisemites and socialists to become a problem.

Another reason that we find ourselves drawn the democratic drama is the party’s penchant for pure catastrophe.  They’ve provided the nation with groans, laughs, and incredibly cringe-worthy moments over the course of the last few decades, with Elizabeth Warren’s bizarre “Cherokee ancestry” debacle having taken the crown for the 2010’s most boneheaded and offensive move.

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Somehow, however, this hasn’t deterred Warren from seeking the presidency, with the longtime Senator being one of the first truly big names to announce their candidacy for 2020.

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Now, Warren has become the first big name to start slinging mud, too…this time in the direction of Vice President Mike Pence.

During an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Warren (D-Mass.) responded with a flat “no” when asked whether she believed Pence is an honorable man, slamming his historic opposition to same-sex marriage and other gay rights issues.

“Anyone who engages in the kind of homophobia and attacks on people who are different from himself is not an honorable person,” she added. “That’s not what honorable people do.”

Warren has been working just about every possible angle in her 2020 campaign, first attempting to connect with millennials while cooking in her kitchen.  Of course, there were plenty of clues as to the staging of the event, leading many to believe that this was nothing more than Washington trickery at its finest.


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Michael Avenatti’s Troubles are Far From Over Says Famous Former Client



Michael Avenatti

Yesterday was a bad day for celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement.  Yesterday was a terrible day for Michael Avenatti. The man famously nicknamed “creepy porn lawyer” by Tucker Carlson was hit with two separate sets of charges, on each coast of this beautiful nation, stemming from illegal activities in which he attempted to “shake down” Nike. Now, Avenatti’s most famous client to date, Stormy Daniels, wants the world to know that this may very well be only the tip of the iceberg of her former lawyer’s sins. Avenatti had done a poor job in recent months of reversing any stereotypes that people may have concerning lawyers, that’s for certain. In a statement yesterday, Avenatti was brief and terse, spending much of his time behind the microphone thanking the authorities involved for their professionalism.

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Dems and Trump Agree: Release As Much of The Mueller Report as Possible

When Trump and the democrats agree on something, but Mitch McConnell doesn’t, where do we go from here?



mueller report

It isn’t very often that you’ll find Donald Trump and  a majority of the democratic party on the same page…especially in regard to the Russian “collusion” conspiracy theory. For nearly two years the democrats, along with their lapdogs in the “infotainment” industry, had already precluded that Donald Trump was some sort of Russian double agent, handpicked by the Kremlin to rise to the highest office in the land in order to do Vladimir Putin’s bidding. Yes, it was absurd, and yes, we’re glad that Robert Mueller sorted that out for us. Now, the democrats, the American people, and Donald Trump all seem to agree:  Show us the report. The republicans, on the other hand, seem hesitant. House Democrats pressed the Justice Department to provide the full report from special counsel Robert Mueller even as Republicans gleefully called for them to “move on” from the Russia investigation . President Donald Trump accused those responsible for launching Mueller’s probe of “treasonous things against our country” and said they “certainly will be looked into.” Trump said the release of Mueller’s full report “wouldn’t bother me at all,” and Democrats quickly put that statement to the test, demanding that his administration hand over the entire document and not just Sunday’s four-page summary from Attorney General William Barr. The President has said on several occasions that releasing the entire report would be amenable to him, as he maintains his innocence in the matter. Mitch McConnell yesterday struck down an attempt to make the entire report public – a move that has raised some eyebrows among Trump supporters and other conservatives.      

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