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Local Police Rescue Deer from Christmas-Themed Situation

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With the Christmas holiday just a few weeks away, many Americans have already begun decorating their homes and trees in anticipation of a very merry month.

Children will soon be hearing the great retelling of a vast number of yuletide stories as well, from the lessons of A Christmas Carol, to the redemption arc of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

But for local police in Oregon, a different sort of deer story is being told, and it certainly is festive.

Wildlife officials in Oregon provided a helping hand to a deer that had gotten a sizeable string of Christmas lights tangled around its antlers. Detailing the festive rescue on their Facebook page, the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife jokingly explained that the animal had gotten “a head start on decking the halls.” Amazingly, they indicated that the deer had actually been seen roaming around the city of Dallas with the decorations atop its head since “before Thanksgiving.” Despite police being on the lookout for the creature for at least a week, the creature managed to evade capture until until this past Wednesday when it reportedly wandered into a gated area of the community.

Luckily, no on was hurt in the incident.

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It was there that wildlife officials, alerted to the presence of the animal by Dallas cops, tranquilized the deer and carefully cut the Christmas lights from its antlers. “No injuries were found,” the department reported, “and the buck got up quickly and went on its way.”

Local officials would go on to suggest that residents hang their Christmas lights and other decorations above head height outdoors, so as not to have a repeat of the situation.

Photos of the rescue can be seen below.

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