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LOOK: Intense New Tennessee Bigfoot Footage Shocks Nation

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Somewhere out there, in the deep woods of this nation, exists a creature that everyone has hard of but no one has proved exists.

This is “bigfoot” of course – or “sasquatch”, depending on your locale and your linguistics – and the possibly-mythical animal has seen sighted so, so , so many times that it’s beginning to become difficult to doubt its existence.

The latest sighting come to us from Tennessee, complete with video footage.

A bloke has caught footage of what appears to be a massive Bigfoot-type creature out in the woods in Tennessee – check it out:

Footage shows a huge black figure with super-long arms moving about in a wooded area.

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As ever with these things, the footage isn’t exactly the clearest but there’s definitely some weird creature hanging around there.

According to Bigfoot Input, the man said he first thought it was a friend playing a prank but once he saw the length of its arms and how it moved from tree to tree, he quickly grabbed his daughter and ran back inside.

He said he got his gun and dog and went back outside but the creature had gone.

Several social media users were unimpressed:

“Looks fake as hell,” someone else wrote. “Why’s it so blurry? My 3 year old cheap smart phone takes better video…”

While some else said: “Lots of pixelation, so hard to say for sure. First couple watches, it looks CGI. The black is very black compared to the background and it seems to have a computer image type flow to it.”

Real deal sasquatch footage or guy in a suit?  You can judge for yourself below:


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