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LOOK: VP Harris Event Displayed Misspelled State Name on Backdrop

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Over the course of the last 18 months, it has become rather apparent that the Biden administration is having trouble getting much of anything done at all, and this week their ineptitude took another step in the direction of the upper echelon of idiocy.

That’s because Vice President and absentee “border czar” Kamala Harris was caught speaking to a crowd in Louisiana in front of a screen reading “Lousiana”.

Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday participated in an event featuring a critical spelling error on the stage backdrop.

The vice president walked on stage smiling and waving at the Essence Festival in New Orleans where she participated in an interview with actress Keke Palmer.

But behind the vice president, the text mistakenly read “Lousiana” instead of Louisiana.

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Video of the event made the egregious spelling error plain to see.

The White House has yet to comment as to who was responsible for the boneheaded blunder, but we’d pay good money to see them go head to head with former VP Dan Quayle in a spelling bee.


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